Indiana Fitness Works, INC.
Providing Quality Rehabilitation Therapy Since 2005

ur organization is owned and operated by a speech/language pathologist. We provide Physical, Occupational, Speech/Language Therapy, and Restorative nursing services to 27 Skilled Nursing facilities 2 of which are Pediatric based and 7 Assisted Living facilities all in Indiana. In addition we offer out-patient and home heath therapy services. Indiana Fitness Works Therapy Services started in July 2005, since then we have grown and expanded our therapist staff to over 250 full time, part time, and PRN.


Indiana Fitness Works can provide a full range of therapy services 7 days a week if necessary, with a staff of trained, professional therapists to meet your needs. We know continuity of care is important to the patients; we are committed to building long-term relationships.


We use the most evidence based practices and successful therapeutic interventions to help our clients regain mobility and functional independence.

  •      - Flexible Scheduling
  •      - On-site Therapy Clinic
  •      - Pain Reducing Technology
  •      - Regain self-confidence
  •      - Regain self-independence
  •      - Reduce fear of falls
  •      - Educational Information


Specialized Rehabilitation Programs

  •      - Pain Management
  •      - Post-Orthopedic Surgeries
  •      - Fractures
  •      - Shoulder Pain
  •      - Back and Neck Pain
  •      - Balance and Gait Training
  •      - Arthritis
  •      - Lymphedema
  •      - Cardiac Conditions
  •      - Stroke Recovery
  •      - Neurological Conditions
  •      - Activities of daily living
  •      - Cognitive training
  •      - Swallowing development
  •      - Voice Training
  •      - Low Vision
  •      - Strength


We also understand that there’s much more to our profession than therapy alone. So Indiana Fitness Works offers annual statistical reports to help measure the patient’s progress. For your protection, we provide major malpractice and liability insurance coverage for therapy provided to your patients.


Superior services, plus all the support to go along with it. That is how Indiana Fitness Works gives more to each patient, family and facility.